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Crystal Sky Screen Shot Copying to Micro SD Cards, to Open on a Computer
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Crystal Sky Screen Shot Copying to Micro SD Cards, to Open on a Computer

We have been asked, "How do you get a screen shot/shots off my Crystal Sky; onto a Micro SD card and into my computer? So below will walk you through step by step how to retrieve your screen shots and get them on your computer.


    Step #1: On your home screen, click on the Explorer tab. (Outlined in Red on the image below)


    Step #2: Once Explorer opens, select the Internal Memory tab. (Outlined in Red on the image below)

    Step #3: Now Scroll down to the desired screen shot you are looking for. (In the example we have a folder named screen shots. Outlined red in image below)


    Step #'s 4 & 5: Once you have selected your screen shots, it will ask if you want to copy, move, cut, or delete. Select Copy. Then select the Home tab. Once the Home tab opens back up select the SD Card you want to save to. (We used SD Card 1 as Outlined red in image below.) Once you select the proper SD card, click the Editor tab and select paste. Your copied files will paste onto the SD Card.


    Step #6: Now turn off your Crystal Sky and eject your Micro SD Card. Take the card and insert it into a card reader, and insert into your computer. Your computer will recognize the new drive. Select the new drive and open it. (You will see in the example Outlined in red below)


     Step #7: Next you will select the desired files off the SD Card. You can copy or cut them. (example files Outlined in red in image below)


 Step #8: You will now select where you want to save the selected images. (For the example we set-up a desktop folder named Crystal Sky. Outlined red in image below)


    Step #9: Now that you have the images put in your desired location on your computer, time to open them. Go into the location you saved them in and select the desired image you want to open. (example Outlined red in image below)


    Step #10: Final step! Now that you selected the desired image it will open up to view. **** NOTE: This may take a few seconds to load, if you see a black screen to start don't be alarmed. (You will see sample opened in image below Outlined in red)

This is a quick and painless process for getting your data in screen shots from your Crystal Sky to your Micro SD Card, and onto your computer. Keep on flying and collecting data, knowing you can move that data to permeant storage in a breeze.

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